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Task force meeting discusses Texas roadways

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The condition of Texas roadways is becoming worse as the energy sector grows.

A task force meeting was held in Amarillo Tuesday to discuss plans for improvement.

Here in the panhandle where oil wells and wind farms have been growing, so has the strain on our roadways. Many roads near these industries were not built to withstand the traffic of semi-trucks and are starting to fall apart.

TxDOT is asking the state legislature for $1.6 billion in additional funding. $400 million of that for current repairs and $1.2 billion to armor up roads, making them wider and the concrete thicker. Once TxDOT takes this plan to the legislature, it is then up to them to decide where the funding comes from.

"The next step is we're going to do a report, take it to the legislature, have some ideas as to how we could possibly fund these for the legislature to consider, and then make decision on what level of funding should or shouldn't be, and how TxDOT should participate in the process," Phil Wilson with TxDOT says.

Wilson also says they are currently talking about funding ideas. One of them being the energy sector getting involved in the funding process.

$44 million of that funding would be for projects in our area.