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Childress liquor store clerk arrested: Synthetic drugs confiscated

Harshal Patel Harshal Patel
KP's Discount Liquor KP's Discount Liquor
Bath Salts Bath Salts
Synthetic Marijuana Synthetic Marijuana

CHILDRESS, TX- It started with a routine TABC inspection and ended with a convenience store clerk behind bars.

Harshal Patel, 36, was arrested an booked into the Childress County Jail Thursday afternoon for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

The department says they confiscated several pounds of synthetic narcotics and bath salts inside KP's Discount Liquor.

"It makes me so happy," LaViza Matthews with Impact Futures said. "It's awesome and it may stop some kid from becoming impaired for the rest of his life or dying."

Like many residents, Trey Morgan is glad the drugs are off the streets.

"We know there is a drug problem in every community but synthetic drugs in that amount was rather surprising to hear," he said. "As a father and community member, it's frustrating they are coming into our community and doing this sort of thing. It always makes me feel good knowing the police are working hard to see that our community and streets are safe and trying to take as many drugs off the streets as possible."

Back in Amarillo, Matthews has been fighting the war on synthetic drugs for years and knows first hand how hard it is to crack down on the dealers."

"Any time you have such a money making scheme, anybody who can get their hands on it is going to do it," she said.

While an arrest was made at KP's, Matthews predicts there are hundreds more discount stores and shops still selling synthetic drugs.

"Let this serve as a warning for what Childress has done."

Patel was arraigned Friday and has since posted $50,000 bond.

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