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Amarillo College bringing more to Moore County

More tech jobs can be expected in the Dumas area.

Amarillo College broke ground this morning on it's Moore County campus Career and Technical Training Center. Which is something that area has been lacking.

"What it does is, it gives us about 30,000 square feet of space to teach technical programs that otherwise we've been unable to bring from Amarillo College to the Moore County campus because of space limitations," Joe Wyatt, Amarillo College Communications Coordinator says.

Those in that area wanting to pursue these careers in the past had to drive to Amarillo.

"Especially if they wanted to come to Amarillo College, come down to our east campus to our technical center here locally, and that's a long commute and a hard undertaking, but to be able to do it in their own backyard that's what's so incredibly great about this," Wyatt says.

Not only will these students be able to get training closer by, but it will also bring more job opportunities to their area.

"When you set out to attract industry, you want to promise them or assure them you've got some kind of a trained work force handy. Meanwhile, you want to keep your best and brightest young people at home at all possible, if there's something for them to do and make a life at home. Ya know," Wyatt says.

The 11 acres of land the campus will sit on was donated by the Dumas Economic Development Corporation.

Students can expect classes at the career and technical training center to start next fall.

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