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Student project helps families cope with tragedy

AMARILLO, TX - Most of us know how difficult it is to mourn the loss of a close relative, but a group of high school students is making it a little bit easier to cope with that tragedy.

Caprock High School wood shop students have partnered with The Hope & Healing Place to hand craft a unique item to remember those who have passed away.

On Thursday, students were busy working on a new project and unlike previous ones they get to take home, this one is a bit different.

They are making bird houses to be displayed in a memory garden outside The Hope and Healing Place.

"I get the satisfaction of knowing that I'm doing something good for another family," student Claudia Villegas said.

Once they're built, they are brought over to Roy Bowen, executive director of The Hope and Healing Place.

"Every bird house here has a story," he said. "It tells the story of a child. It tells the story of a family. It tells a story of pain, but it also tells a story of healing."

Family members who have lost loved once paint the bird houses as a type of therapy or memorial.

Bowen adds it's a much more positive experience to remember their loved ones by, rather than visiting a cemetery.

"A memory garden is non threatening," Bowen said. "Sometimes a cemetery can be intimidating for a child so they come here to see their bird house which represents the person in their family who died."

Each house is decorated with vibrant colors, images, and quotes to remember that special person.

"I am proud of Caprock High School and looking forward to bringing the kids T-shirts and letting the kids see what their work has done."

The Hope and Healing Place is located at 1721 S. Tyler near downtown.

For more information on Caprock High School's wood shop class, visit

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