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NewsChannel 10 Investigates: Babysitters want answers concerning CPS investigation

AMARILLO, TX- Two babysitters concerned about the welfare of three children they had once been caring for continue to claim they are living in deplorable conditions.     

After filing a complaint with CPS and being promised a thorough investigation would be conducted, they are not happy with the way the agency is handling the case.

Ali Johnson and Jeana Duck sent NewsChannel 10 photographs they say were taken inside a central Amarillo home. 

The photos show animal feces on the floor, a moldy bath tub, messy kitchen and missing roof.

They say their pleas with the mother to clean up the house fell on deaf ears.

They filed a police report. However, there wasn't much law enforcement could do.

"It (the case) is going to go to CPS," Cpl. Jerry Neufeld said. "They are the ones that have the authority to take the child out of the house and place him or her with somebody else."     

The case eventually landed in the hands of CPS, who told us all investigations typically last 30 days before a case is closed.

"At the end of the investigation, the complainant is allowed to know the findings of the investigation and whether or not the agency offered services to the family," Penny Ferguson with CPS said.

It's been nearly two months since that interview and Johnson claims they've heard nothing from the agency.

"I've left messages," Johnson said. "Nobody's called back. I haven't heard a word."

Maybe the case had been resolved. After all, the mother had at least two months to clean up the house.

We went back today to see if that was the case.

Everything appeared to look the same outside like we had witnessed in August. An unkept yard and debris and clutter inside the house can be seen from the street.

We stopped by the home on three separate occasions this week. 

No car was in the driveway and the mother was nowhere in sight.

With few clues and little communication, there continues to be more questions than answers regarding CPS' investigation.

"We just want to know what's going on with it," Johnson said. "Nobody's calling us back."

Two different neighbors told us identical stories about filing cases with CPS and hearing nothing back.

CPS would only say if the children were in immediate harm, they would have removed them.

They also added that taking children away from there family is always a last resort.

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