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More women undergoing in vitro fertilization

Amarillo, TX - More area women are turning to a non-traditional treatment option in hopes of being able to conceive.

Doctors are now making the in vitro fertilization process is being made easier for them.

Melissa Pybus says she was in such desperation to get pregnant that in 2008 she tried in vitro fertilization.

But back then, the process was not as accessible.

"Once you start the hormone medication you have to go almost daily to get your blood drawn to make sure the eggs are actually growing. It's like every day is a sonogram and every day is a blood draw," says Melissa Pybus, underwent procedure.

She was forced to travel to Lubbock for all of her appointments, which ended up being nearly ten trips in one month.

"The rest of your life has to be put on hold and your job and everything else is secondary," says Melissa Pybus, underwent procedure.

Now because of increasing demand, area doctors are able to do most preliminary work here and send results to doctors in bigger cities who offer in vitro fertilization.

"Now we can do all the drug administration, all the sonograms, all the blood testing and they only have to go to a place like Dallas or Lubbock for egg harvesting, fertilization and re-implantation three days later," says Dr. Brian Eades, Women's Healthcare Associates. 

If the demand continues, doctors say the process could be offered in Amarillo.

We spoke with several current and previous in vitro fertilization patients, some have had success and others like Pyburn ended up adopting but she recommends the process to anyone who is having trouble conceiving.

"I don't think anybody knows how stressful it is to go through a procedure like that, and to be able to have a little bit of convenience and doctors working together to even ease that burden in itself would have been really nice," says Melissa Pybus, underwent procedure.

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