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Area students raise awareness of poverty locally and globally

A quarter of panhandle residents are living below poverty level.

Students and teachers at WTAMU are raising awareness in several creative ways Wednesday, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. They're helping others in the panhandle and around the world.

Freshman Aaron Alcozer says, "We have the money, the skills, everything we need to live a good life. We're just out here to help others that can't do it for themselves. Just raising canned goods, raising money to give to the poor that need money more than we do. It's just from the bottom of our heart."

Dozens of freshmen stood in silence on campus holding signs which stated different facts about poverty. Several students and teachers only spent $2.50 on food today, the amount more than half the world lives on a day.

WT Communications Assistant Professor Dr. Butler Cain says, "So many of us have so much that we ought to be able to be willing do this for one day. To put ourselves in the shoes of so many other members of this world." Cain says he bought three cans of vegetables and one small can of meat to try and make this possible.

WT is also raising funds for a woman from Niger, Africa they got in contact with through an area missionary family who spent time there.  WT Communications Department Head Dr. Trudy Hanson says, "She recently was seriously ill and went to the hospital, but almost could not afford the payment. And we were thinking just the payment must have been extremely high. The cost was $9 dollars. But she did not have $9 dollars." They're selling patience bracelets to collect funds for this family as well as for the food bank in Niger.

Freshman student Alcozar shares what he carries with him after contributing. He says, "The resources that I do need I'll take them. But what I don't need, I won't be mad if I don't get it because other people out there don't even have the necessities you need to live."

WT is still selling patience bracelets and collecting donations for the High Plains Food Bank this week.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.


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