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Dead trees in Canyon could be dangerous

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Canyon, Texas - The extreme heat and drought have left nearly 1,000 dead trees in Canyon.

The city is having a meeting to discuss determining whether the dead trees are potentially putting residents in harms way.

Some residents believe the dead trees are putting people of the Canyon community in danger.

Right now the city is discussing whether the trees should be cut down.

Some dead trees are on private property, and the city manager tells me they have to have ordinances in place that would even allow them to remove the trees.

But if they decide they do need to be removed, they take bids and arrange for a contractor to do away with them.

The property owner would be responsible for the cost.

Randy Criswell says, "the city commission is going to have to ultimately decide whether or not these dead trees are a danger and a hazard potentially to the public. And then how we deal with that. Some cities are considering a dead tree as a nuisance."

He tells me if a nuisance is deemed to exist, then the city does have the authority to take care of that nuisance.

He is currently bringing the issue before the commission to see if they believe it's something to be concerned about, and if so, what direction do they take.