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Mobile home property owner fails to pay taxes: Residents being forced out

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AMARILLO, TX-Nearly 140 homes at the Amarillo Estates mobile home community will be up for auction beginning next month after Potter County says the property owner failed to pay taxes.      

Residents renting to own homes there say management has been feeding them a web of lies about the unpaid taxes, and they want answers.
Rodney Clark and his family are renting to own their mobile home,  one of 138 properties now set to be auctioned off to pay the county taxes.

"It's somebody's fault," Clark said. "Somebody's being chicken or sticking the money in their pockets and going on vacation."

Cark gave us records showing he pays rent and taxes each month.
The owner of the complex is then supposed use a portion of the money collected to pay property taxes.

"I'd like to know where it's going."

We wanted to know where the money was going too. We took our question to Potter County property tax assessor Robert Miller.

"We have some delinquent taxes that are due at 6666 Pavillard,," he said. "Those taxes have remain unpaid for several years."

Some properties have back taxes for only a few hundred dollars.

Others are several thousand dollars behind.

"Approximately there's $275,000 that remain unpaid," Miller said.

The property owner held a town hall meeting a few weeks ago to talk about the tax issue.
While all media outlets were banned from attending, residents who were there tell us they were not happy with the way management addressed the issue.

"Their solution was that they shall see about trying to get it taken care of," Clark said.

When we brought that statement up to the tax office, they indicated no efforts to pay the debt were made.

"To date, we have not heard anything from the owners regarding any type of payment for those properties," Miller said. 

NewsChannel 10 walked into the management office to get answers.

However, the front desk receptionist refused to answer any of our questions, wouldn't let us leave our name and telephone number and said we couldn't speak with any other employees there.

She then asked us to leave before telling us she going to call the police.

After leaving the complex, a property manager named Tom called us about the story we doing.

He declined an on-camera interview and when we asked him to email us a statement, he hung up the telephone.

Potter County says the auction doesn't have to occur if the complex were to make payment arrangements with them.