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Gun and money reported stolen in Dalhart burglary

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 DALHART, TX- Your help is needed in solving a recent burglary at the Cattleman's Livestock Barn.

The Hartley County Sheriff's Department says they've been checking into every lead, but haven't had much luck. 

The owner of the business says whoever broke into his auction center not only stole money, they stole something law enforcement is banking on you to find. 

Sometime between midnight Friday and 8 a.m. Saturday, the auction site was hit by a burglar or group of burglars. 

"They broke all the locks," owner Curtis Lockhart said. "It's more of an aggravation if anything." 

Lockhart says whoever broke in entered through a back door using a crow bar. They then made their way into a back office, breaking open a safe. 
 "They stole all the petty cash for the restaurant," Lockhart said. 

The sheriff's department says about $440 dollars was reported missing. However, the cash register, a display case with merchandise, and computers were not taken. 

While the money will not likely be found, there's one clue that could tie a criminal to the crime. 

"We had a gun that was stolen," Lockhart said.

The gun is a Ruger SP101. Area pawn shops are being asked to keep an eye out for it. Meanwhile, this isn't the first time this business has been hit. 

"Our semi trucks have been broken into before," Lockhart said. "We can't hardly park anything in the lot at night anymore." 

While the sheriff's department has few leads to go on, they do believe whoever broke in is either a career criminal, or has been inside the auction site before. 

"They had to be familiar with the facility," Sheriff Franky Scott said. "Now whether it's somebody that formerly worked there, it reflects somebody locally that knows the facility, how to get around and where things are." 

So we asked Lockhart: 

NewsChannel 10: "Could this have been an inside job?" 

Lockhart:  "I don't know," he said. "I'm not going say it wasn't and have to look at everybody." 

Lockhart is offering a $5,000 reward for any information that can help the sheriff's department solve this case. 

To phone in a tip to the sheriff's department, call 235-3142.