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Tucumcari teachers get a generous gift

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Amarillo, Texas - Teachers in our area spend hundreds of dollars of their own money on classroom decorations and supplies.

The First Baptist Church in Tucumcari gave all teachers in the school district a 200 dollar gift card to Mardel's Christian Bookstore to spend on their classrooms.

Research says teachers in the US spend over 1 billion out of pocket dollars on classroom materials each year.

Teachers at Tucumcari are definitely included in that dollar amount, and are looking forward to this donation for their students.

Pastor John Hinze "we just had one teacher tell me that she works with detention kids and that this would go a long way toward helping those kids who are kind of outcasts in our community. ... 28 years and she said she'd never had anybody do this for her in the 28 years of teaching."

He says it means a lot to let all of the teachers know how much they are appreciated and under recognized.