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Dyslexia awareness

More area students with learning disabilities are getting better grades.

Many area children with dyslexia struggle with reading, spelling, and writing. Some students at Bushland Elementary with the condition are receiving help through the school's Multi-sensory Teaching Approach Program.

Jordan Schwalk says, "This helps me with my reading and writing because coding. And she just helps us a lot because she's really got us improving at school." Chase Cooke says, " This dyslexia program and miss smith helps me with reading and writing, and helps me want to read more books." Erika Conley says, "My cursive is getting better, and I can read words more. And now I actually want to read books."

Dyslexia is a learning disability affecting about 20% of the nation. Some school administrators want to raise awareness for the condition with October being Dyslexia Awareness Month.

Bushland Elementary Assistant Principal & District Dyslexia Coordinator Kris Smith says, "Our hope is to break down the walls of misconception surrounding dyslexia. To inform our teachers as well as families on common misconceptions. One being reversals like B and D, and reversing words because that is not always present in all dyslexics."

Another common misconception is that dyslexics have below average intelligence. Smith says many excel in their academics. "As we do more training, teachers are more aware of dyslexia characteristics. And so they're more likely to pick on those signs, and we can identify. Hopefully, we can identify earlier so that we can remediate earlier." Conley says, "Before I went to this school, I always had all C's. Now I have A's and B's."

Parents can help by reading out loud to the child, reading together with them, as well as encouraging them to predict what will happen next in the story.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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