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Employment assistance for those suffering from depression

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Amarillo, TX - Hundreds of area residents who have previously or currently suffer from depression are struggling to find a job.

Local agencies are stepping up to help.

Many employers in our area have a stigma about hiring someone with a mental disability.

The Amarillo Area Mental Health Consumers Agape Center sees about 50 people a month but 75-percent of them are unemployed.

That's why they offer free therapy, peer sessions, and educational classes that can help them lift their spirits and find work.

They go one step further by referring people to the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, which works with several area employers.

They hope more companies will become open-minded because they refer qualified applicants.

There are new changes to their services as well, such as disability sensitivity training with all employers, to help them understand how to work with someone who has a disability.

To get employment assistance call the TX Dept. of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services at 806-351-3833 or 806-351-3800.

For depression treatment options call the Amarillo Area Mental Consumers Agape Center at 806-373-7030.