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United Supermarket products being recalled

Several products are being removed from the shelves of area United Supermarkets.

Manufactures have issued a voluntary recall for several products that are on their shelves. Some of those are being pulled off the shelves because of possible salmonella contamination linked to recent the Sunland peanut butter recall.

Kellogg's Frosted and Unfrosted Mini Wheat Bite Size cereal is being recalled due to the possible presence of metal fragments from a faulty manufacturing part. Talenti Gelato chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream and Newman's O's peanut butter cream cookies are also recalled for possible salmonella contamination.

We spoke with United Supermarkets and they said, so far their customers shouldn't be worried.

"There has been no indication that there has been problems with any of our guests as far as insistences involving are concerned. It is strictly a precaution," Eddie Owens, United Supermarkets spokesman says.

We're told United customers can return any remaining products that with matching UPC codes and sell by dates for a full refund.

Those can be found on Kellogg's website, http://community.kelloggs.com/kelloggs/topics/voluntary_recall_of_select_packages_of_frosted_mini_wheats_bite_size_original_and_mini_wheats_unfrosted_bite_size-686lj and http://www.foodsafety.gov/recalls/recent/index.html

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