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Meningitis fears in the panhandle

Amarillo, Texas - The Meningitis outbreak continues, but doctors here in Amarillo say people of the panhandle do not need to worry.

With 105 confirmed outbreaks nationwide, and 8 deaths, people in our area have grown concerned.

Dr. Victor Taylor tells me they do a lot of epidural steroids at Panhandle Surgery Center and since Thursday they have received at least 75 phone calls.

A registered nurse tells me she answered 32 phone calls Monday with people worried that they could contract fungal Meningitis through tainted steroid shots.

Taylor says all of the doctors in Amarillo that do this kind of work obtain their injections from the same pharmaceutical company.

He says, "we get all of our epidural steroid injections from Pfizer which is a major manufacturer. They come in individual, single sterile doses. The medications we use here are no involved in this lot of the mediations that had the contamination."

He believes there is no reason to fear this particular problem with these procedures in our area.

He thinks as people realize this, they will go ahead with their treatments and not be as concerned.

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