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Concern over high school athletes and calorie intake

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Amarillo, TX - Many parents are questioning new calorie limited lunches being served and how it is affecting their students.

"We Are Hungry," a YouTube video created by students and teachers in Kansas is bringing attention to student athletes and school lunch restrictions.

New school lunch restrictions prompted these Kansas students to speak out. Now high school students are allowed up to 850 calories per lunch. But for those out on the field, at least 2,000 are needed to keep up their energy.

"The video of "we're hungry' I can understand that, especially with growing adolescents, teenagers and so forth, I can understand that," Jim Langdon, assistant football coach at Amarillo High School says.

Coach Langdon says at Amarillo High they meet with football parents prior to the season to discuss what their players should be eating.

"We have seen this on numerous occasions where we have athletes that continue to lose weight, they don't gain strength, and they don't understand. They think they are taking in enough calories when in reality they're not. They're usually 500 to 1,000 calories short," Langdon says.

Student athletes here at Amarillo High school tell me 750 calories just doesn't cut it.

"You burn a lot of calories while practicing, especially like here it is really hot, you know, so you have to eat a lot. But, it's not just a lot, you know nutritional, too. So, you need to watch what you eat but make sure you get enough of it," Guy Brown, senior at AHS says.

"You have to drink water. You have to make sure you're eating the right stuff and if you're not getting enough you're not going to have the energy to go out there and practice every single day," Gabriel Rodriguez, senior at AHS says. 

Amarillo High's coaching staff does encourage their athletes to bring their lunches to offset missing calories.