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Church group helps out local breast cancer patients

October is breast cancer awareness month. A group of women at a local church is doing its part this month.

The women of Paramount Baptist Church are making something special for local breast cancer patients. It's called a "comfort cushion."

One in eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer over her lifetime. In the Prayer Quilt Ministry at Paramount Baptist Church, one woman did.

"sSnce I've experienced breast cancer, and I know the trauma of it, then I felt like we needed to give every bit of the support we could to anybody who needs it," Darleen Truman, member of Paramount Baptist and a breast cancer survivor says.

In the last two years, these women have made more than 280 "comfort cushions" for panhandle breast cancer patients.

"The cancer patient can wear it underneath their arm and the strap will help keep it in place," Carmen Swingle, member of Paramount Baptist says.

The pillows alleviate pressure and rubbing from areas they have had surgery. These pillows are more than just a comfort to the many local breast cancer patients, the women who make them get a lot out of it, too.

"I think there's a lot of people in our church who are just so willing to help where ever there's a need, and there's definitely a need for these. We have gotten thank you letters from people all over the panhandle, and it just makes me feel really good that we've been able to help in a small way," Swingle says.

The pillows made by the women are prayed over before they are given out.

"Oh I am sure it gives them a boost to know other people feel for them. They may not have done what they are doing, but they feel for them. They want to support them in whatever way they can, to comfort them, and that's our purpose," Truman says.

Just over 30 women were at their session this morning and almost 100 pillows were made. Their goal is to make 200 to give out this year.

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