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Community helping children in need

Amarillo, TX - Today over 6,000 bikers gathered in Amarillo to help families in need and honor a fallen soldier.

The toys for tots parade was held Sunday afternoon.

Their mission is clear, support our military and support the community; that's exactly what took place at the 13th annual Biker Sunday.

Although the goal in mind was toys for tots, they could not go without honoring Amarillo's fallen hero Genaro Bedoy.

"Bedoy was killed in Afghanistan last week. We had his funeral Saturday and we ran a missing man formation for him. For people that don't know what that is, it's a huge honor for us to be able to honor the family and honor him," says Keith Burd, Hardcore Motorcycle Ministries.

Marine Sgt. Orozco Eder, who leads the toy drive, said he was touched by the amount of people who came out to show their support.

"Toys for tots is a community supported event. If the community doesn't support it, we're not gonna be able to support all the kids that need toys for Christmas," says Sgt. Orozco Eder, United States Marine.

Some even rode their bikes across the country just so they could be part of this event.

"I am from Petersburg, Virginia. I drove about 1,650 miles to get out here to Amarillo, Texas. I'm a former marine so it means a lot for me. Toys for tots is a tremendous thing that the marine core does. Seeing lives being impacted, the children in this community being impacted, it speaks for itself," says Pastor Kevin McBride.

Pastor McBride first participated in 2007 and plans to continue being involved.

This year's event brought the biggest crowd its had in the last thirteen years and those involved hope it will continue to grow.

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