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Vega football player receives help from foundation

Vega, TX - At Friday evening's Vega High School football game, some lives will be changed.

Luis Morales suffered a C5 spinal cord injury during the Vega vs. Wheeler football game last year, leaving him paralyzed. But now this family will receive a special gift from the Gridiron Heroes Foundation during half-time.

"So tonight one of our students, Luis Morales, is going to be honored. He is a senior here at Vega High School and last year suffered a spinal cord injury during a game at Wheeler and has been paralyzed through much of his body," Micah Timmons, Vega High School principal says.

Since that September day, the Morales family has been without a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

"They've been very humble and gracious. They've never asked. You know what I mean, they've never been the type to ask. But, we want to anticipate their needs so that they never have to ask," Timmons says.

Tonight one more of those needs will be met. The Gridiron Heroes Spinal Cord Injury Foundation is giving the Morales family the van.

"We've gone and visited with the family earlier in the year and realized we needed to get him a van. His dad had kinda already threw his back out a couple of times having to lift him into a truck. That is really trying sometimes and hard on the back," Eddie Canales, founder of Gridiron Heroes says.

Eddie Canales knows all to well the challenges the Morales' are facing. In 2001, his son, Chris, suffered a spine injury while playing. Every year across the country players are injured on the football field.

"We witnessed the first guy we went to go help with a spinal cord injury. We knew right away we had to go help him because how hard it was to go through this alone," Chris Canales says.

Gridiron Heroes does more than provide families with vans, they are a support system. Eddie and Chris travel across the country helping high school players and their families with their new challenges.

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