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Water restrictions in Dallam County

Some area residents will soon have to conserve more water.

Some areas of Dallam County including Texline and Conlen are susceptible to low groundwater conditions.

Texas A&M AgriLIFE Extension Dallam County Agent Mike Bragg says, "With cattle, dairy and field crop production. We feed a lot of the state of Texas, and the world." These areas haven't been regulated for decades, but now the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is mandating water restrictions.

North Plains Groundwater Conservation District Assistant General Manager Kirk Welch says, "They will be regulated and managed in the same way that the other areas of the district are managed. The big question now is making a smooth transition for the landowners in those areas."

They're holding presentations for residents in this area on how to be more efficient with water use. Welch says, "Some measurement of that water production. We feel like helps all producers know a little bit better what they're actually doing. Because they're now tracking that water usage."

North Plains will be monitoring aquifer levels, water quality testing, and conservation programs. Residents can vote on which option they will choose to pay for these services on November 66th, through property taxes, or fees for water usage.

Welch says, "A lot of them are agricultural businessmen so a lot of them have a really good idea already of how much water is being produced on their farms. And the reason is because it's a business input. It's a cost of doing business. It's actually producing that water." Bragg says, "The people here understand that water is critical for their production. And I think they want to be conservative and efficient with it."

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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