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Clovis school district reacts to new teacher-principal evaluation

CLOVIS, N.M.-Superintendent Terry Myers is speaking out about a new teacher-principal evaluation system now in place.

The Clovis Municipal School District feels things may be moving a bit too fast with numerous changes happening in recent months.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with expecting us to do well as educators," Myers said.

He isn't against the new type of evaluation rolled out this year. He simply says the state is trying to do too much and too soon.

"Now we're going to try and throw in a new teacher-principal evaluation system in amongst three things have been untested," he said. "They haven't been looked at the see if they are even producing the results we want to see produced."

Myers is talking about a new set of curriculum standards, a new ranking system for schools and a new standardized test.

"We have enough on our plates right now in our New Mexico school systems," he said. "I don't think it's fair to throw an evaluation system on top of it."

He says it may cause unnecessary anxiety for teachers because part of their evaluation will come from standardized testing scores.

Because the exam has only been taken once before, Myers fears those grades may not accurately depict the true performance of a teacher.

It's still unclear what the consequences will be for teachers who score poorly. We're told the evaluation is a year long process and that they'll  receive a "grade mark" at the end of the spring semester.

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