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AC training and job demand

Amarillo, Texas- There's a job field in Amarillo where you are guaranteed a career after completing training.

Welders, manufacturing technicians, as well as auto and diesel mechanics are some of many jobs in Amarillo that remain unfilled due to lack of skilled workers.

Dean Lyndy Wilkinson from Amarillo College says an important thing to know about her school is they are training for industry.

Whenever the students on the east campus complete a degree, there is a job waiting for them.

Whether it's because people don't know, or they are unfamiliar with financial success in jobs such as these, Wilkinson wants people of the panhandle to know a few important facts.

She says, "the training is shorter. You're going to come out with less debt and you're going to make more money coming out on the back side. So I think that there's a problem with students maybe not knowing that these jobs are available and also maybe adults might want to come in and retrain for some of this."

She says they actually stay in contact with area industries to make sure they are training the type of worker they need.

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