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Bomb threat security at WTAMU

While bomb threats at student campuses are pranks most of the time, you never know when one may be real. WTAMU police and staff are taking security measures to catch a suspect regardless whether a threat is real or not.

WT Professor Trudy Hanson graduated from LSU, and called her sister, who still lives in Louisiana, when she heard about the bomb threats there.

She says, "The response on campus was just chaotic. They indeed, I think, took the right steps to, of course, have students evacuate. But there was no thinking about what happened when all those cars left at the same time. And so every place around the campus was just jam-packed with cars. And mayhem ensued."

WT police say after hearing about bomb threats happening at universities across the country, they're taking action and reviewing safety procedures. Lieutenant Patrick Coggins says, "In response, our chief of police at West Texas A&M has distributed an email along with a checklist to the faculty and staff here in order to raise awareness of these types of events. And to give some guidance and direction as to how to respond to those."

WT Student Cory Newcomer says, "I think it's a good thing. You know, teachers will be prepared. That way we'll have a plan, you know, everybody will know what to do, won't be as chaotic." The checklist asks to describe the suspect in detail, whether the threat happens over the phone or in person.

Trudy says, "Having seen the checklist in advance, I think that I would listen better instead of just being overcome with fear. I think I would have a sense of calm. And I think preparation helps us do that. Because as I was thinking before if I look at this list, and it says describe the voice as distinct, or raspy, or deep breathing. I wouldn't even think about that until I read the list. "

This information helps WT police proceed more efficiently in the investigation and helps them catch the suspect whether a bomb exists or not.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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