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Voter registration in Potter County

Amarillo, Texas - The upcoming presidential election is expected to be one of the biggest elections in decades.

The Potter County Election's Administrator Knoxie Mathes says things are shaping up to be the biggest election she has seen in her 23 years.

She expects before election day about 2,000 more people in Potter County will register to vote.

With the candidates being so close, she believes it's making the residents of Potter County want to have their voices heard.

Mathes says, "the number of registered voters that we have as of today when I did a report is 51,353. So you're looking at about 42 percent of the population of potter county are registered voters."

If you aren't registered, there are several ways to do so before the November election.

Mathes says they've mailed out over 300 ballots just this week to people who request to vote by mail because some are disabled or out of town, and even out of the country. 

While you can have the majority of a population registered to vote, she says it's important to remind people that just being registered isn't enough.

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