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Tuition prices and high cost of books cause students to pawn items

Amarillo, TX - Hikes in tuition and expensive book prices are costing some college students personal belongings.

Tuition is increasing as funding for higher education is decreasing, causing more students to turn to pawn shops to get cash.

"They can't afford to pay for school yet, most of them just wait for their grant to come in," said David Erwin with Erwin Pawn Shop.

"The books are so expensive cause I think the books are maybe good for two years, they switch out quite a bit just the cost of tuition has gone up as well," added Erwin.

Emmanuel Imanzi a sophomore at WTAMU says high college costs forced him into pawning his x-box just so he could make sure he would be successful while studying criminal justice.

"Giving that away you know, so I could get my books and stuff because it is just so expensive now, it was really hard but I had to do it because I have to pass my classes and stuff," added Imanzi.

Max Robison moved to West Texas from Wyoming and says the cost of moving and paying for school have forced him into selling some of his things as well.

"The travel down here took a lot of money, so while I was down here I have sold some equipment, a couple of drills, some hammers to a friend of mine so I would have the money to make rent and pay for utilities and stuff, so I believe tuition even though it is lower here than other places it is still really high and it is tough on us as students," added Robison.

Erwin says in most cases the students return to the shop to re-buy their items.

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