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Clinical trial to benefit heart attack patients

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A new clinical study being done in our area could potentially save the lives of thousands who suffer from heart attacks.

Every 34 seconds someone in the United States will have a heart attack.

The Cardiology Center of Amarillo is among the first U.S. clinical centers to participate in the AngelMed Guardian system trial.

This little device could potentially save the lives of thousands who suffer from coronary diseases. It's called "The AngelMed Guardian."And that's what it intends to do.

"So this device is devised to alert the patient with a vibratory alert when it notices a change in ekg," Lane Cox, M.D. says.

That alert tells the patient to immediately seek medical care, a heart attack is on the way.

"The goal of this is to get patients to the doctor earlier and potentially save lives, have better outcomes, less chance of congestive failure after they have a heart attack," Cox says.

But, the guardian is different from a pace-maker or defibrillator.

"This one you don't have to have that bad of disease. So, this is for people with less complex problems. This covers a much larger scope of patients," Cox says.

Cox says there is only a 90 minute window between the onset of a heart attack to treatment at a hospital.

A small wire runs from the device to the heart and detects EKG changes signaling the onset of a heart attack. Dr. Cox says many people don't experience symptoms, so this device will hopefully save those lives.

The Cardiology Center is looking for patients for the trial. Participants must have suffered a heart attack within the last 6 months to qualify.

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