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WARNING: Gel ball toys risky for toddlers

Amarillo, TX- A toy is causing serious concern for doctors because if swallowed it can cause death.

Water Balz a colored ball is advertised as a fun thing to throw, with endless possibilities as they grow before your eyes.

They start off smaller than a marble, but after soaking in water can grow much larger, and if swallowed by a curious child, can pose a serious risk.

"If it expands large enough to block the intestine then food cannot pass so they end up getting a build up of gas and food, they can start vomiting. If it expands large enough it can actually perforate or tear the intestine open, and then your gastric contents spill out into the abdomen," said Dr. Jeanie Jaramillo, with the Panhandle Poison Center.

Jaramillo says it may be difficult to know your child has swallowed one until they start having symptoms, like vomiting, so it is best to be proactive by keeping these toys away from young children.

"These particular toys do have a warning that they are only for children over the age of three but these toys get out, we leave them out at home and anyone is liable to get in to them, toddler are always exploring and they are exploring with their mouth,' added Jaramillo.

If you suspect your child swallowed one of these toys, Jaramillo says to call Poison Control for help or seek medical attention before it has a chance to expand and causes serious damage.

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