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Senior citizen driving requirements

There is much debate on when seniors should stop driving.

Thirty states have some sort of older-age requirement for drivers licenses. But, the age restrictions vary greatly from state to state.

Since 2007, Texas requires drivers 85 or older to renew their license in person and pass an eye exam every two years. In Washington D.C. those 70 and older must bring a doctor's certification that they are ok to drive with every renewal.

The National Highway Traffic Administration is proposing all states address the growing problem of impaired elder drivers. Measured by miles driven, the crash rate for older drivers climbs in the 70's and even more at 80 and above

"If they start having too many accidents, or they notice on their own even that they are incompetent as far as backing up, or getting out into traffic, they feel a little panicky, then they shouldn't be driving," Evelyn Richie, a senior citizen driver says.

Other senior citizens we spoke with today all agree there isn't a certain age for everyone to stop driving. Richie says she will keep driving as long as she can.

TxDOT suggests seniors be informed of when they should give up their keys.

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