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Baby boomers retirement plan

Amarillo, Texas- As local baby boomers are moving toward retirement, after their last day of work, they might not be looking to go too far.

There are just under 80 million people that make up the baby boomer generation in the United States, and they make up over 25 percent of the country's population.

When it comes time to retire, a large percentage of people look to leave bigger cities and come to places like Amarillo.

A local financial planner says any baby boomers coming here will be good for our economy because they will be bringing their money from bigger cities.

They will drive the forces of retail, and also be investing and keeping our real estate prices stable.

Bill Hall from Edward Jones Investments says, "housing is less expensive, the cost of living here is less expensive and people tend to be in a position where later on in life they are able to retire maybe a little bit better than some other people because it's not as expensive to live here. It's a very low cost of living. And matter of fact, we have people move here believe it or not to retire."

He says Amarillo may not be the most beautiful spot to live, but it's people are the greatest.

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