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Loans to pay for Tri-State Fair

Amarillo, Texas- The Tri-State Fair only comes once a year, and some people in the panhandle won't let money be a reason they won't enjoy the rides and fried food.

I don't know if it's the corn dogs, the ferris wheel, or the funnel cakes, but if it means some taking out a loan to be able to go to the fair, then so be it.

I spoke with a couple of cash loan businesses in Amarillo and they told me they definitely have an increase in business when the fair comes to town.

The week during and after people are coming in with last minute financial needs.

An employee of fast cash now says, "yes, we had somebody come in yesterday and he wanted to be able to take his kids to the fair, but because pay day was coming after the fair, he was needing to come in and get some extra cash to be able to take them.  A lot of people spend too much money at the fair and then realize that they cut into their budget. Then they need some extra money to help them pay the bills."

She says each year it's the same situation, and she doesn't expect it to stop anytime soon.

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