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Swine flu precautions at the fair

Amarillo, TX - Swine flu has been making it's way across the country. With the Tri-State Fair kicking off Friday, there has been some cause for concern.

The CDCreports there have been more than 290 swine flu cases and one death. Although there have been no cases reported in our area, fair officials are taking measures to keep fair goers safe.

All livestock are required to have a certificate of veterinary inspection before entering the fair. The Texas Animal Heath Commission has always required this.

The CDC is reporting this new strain of swine flu can spread more easily from pigs to humans.

"A lot of the diseases that we have only go from animal to animal, but this one humans can get. So, we want everyone to be aware that it's out there. And, although there is some concern at least we've done everything we can do to make sure this won't become a problem," Gregg Veneklasen, owner of Timber Creek Veterinary and Tri-State Fair official veterinarian says.

Posters and hand sanitizing stations will be posted around the fair grounds. Fair officials suggest washing your hands with soap and water or to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after visiting livestock exhibits.

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