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Residents seeing red water out of faucets

Some area residents are worried because they're seeing red water come out of their faucets.

Residents in Clarendon are seeing dirty water because low lake levels are creating algae and treated water going through metal pipes is sitting longer.

City Administrator Lamber Little says, "The water is still safe to drink. It's just ugly to look at and sometimes tastes bad. And I hate that." He says since the city is in stage four of its water restriction plan, there's low water usage, and this is causing a problem.

"When the water remains in the pipe, and doesn't flow. It chemically reacts and causes this material to sloth off. And creates red water. Again, the water is disinfected. And it's plenty safe to drink. It's just dirty looking."

In order for the water not to have an unpleasant odor and taste, the city is working on replacing its 80 year old metal pipes with new plastic ones. And their generating the revenue to do so by selling their well water which has been on reserve for years.

Little says, "This is a win-win-win situation because it's going to generate a modest revenue stream for the city of Clarendon. Which I'm excited about. It's going to provide water for Greenbelt. And they already have the facilities to pump the water. And it's going to help all of the Greenbelt member cities."

Clarendon Economic Development and Tourism Director Chandra Eggemeyer says they're also looking forward to this change. She says, "It ultimately provides more water that we can make available to new customers that may need that. So if you have a manufacturing facility come in that needs a significant amount of water, perhaps. Having these wells that will be basically increasing our water supply. That will be a way that will help us meet the needs of that business. "

City officials say they're anticipating the water issue will be resolved by the new year.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 

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