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US ambassador security precautions

Amarillo, Texas - We wanted to get an idea of the amount of security that surrounds a U.S. Ambassador once they leave America.

Mark Bivins is the brother of Teel Bivins,  former Ambassador to Sweden.

Mark was able to visit his brother while he was on location and says the security in a country known as an ally to the United States was like nothing he'd ever seen.

His brother rode around in a bulletproof car and was constantly surrounded by cars.

He says knowing the amount of security given to a U.S. Ambassador in Sweden, the attack in a known area of unrest like Libya had to have been planned.

Bivins said, "the embassy building itself was very heavily fortified. It was as fortified as anything I'd ever seen. To drive into the building you had to pull up to a security check and then steel pylons would come up out of the pavement and basically lock the car from moving any direction, or prevent the car from moving either direction."

For some to think that security has anything to do with the recent U.S. Ambassador's death is puzzling to him.

He says he's sure we will find out more as the investigation continues.

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