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Dozens of area voters must verify voter status

Amarillo, TX - Dozens of area voters are mistakenly being considered deceased as the state attempts to revise their registered voter database.

For the first time, the Texas Secretary of State's Office is using the Social Security Administration's death master file.

Counties are required to ensure the voter status of the deceased are canceled but many counties in our area say the process is not easy.

"The responsibility of our office is to maintain an accurate list of registered voters, which means if they're deceased they do need to come off," says Ruthie Poynter, Manager for Voter Registration in Randall County.

The Randall County Voter Registration Office says they're being cautious before mailing any letters out.

"We're making sure that it is pretty much that person before we send that letter. We're checking obituaries, we're checking probates and we are checking dates of birth and other matches. We are not just checking the last four of the social," says Ruthie Poynter, Manager for Voter Registration in Randall County.

In the panhandle there have already been dozens of cases where voters have the same name or birthday as someone else, so they receive the letter by mistake.

Moore County tells us so far they've received nearly forty calls and walk-ins from voters who are on the list but shouldn't be.

Potter County says they find the death file list inaccurate.

They started with around 200 people on the list and have already cut that in half.

Many counties are still in the process of mailing out letters.

They are urging voters who receive a letter by mistake to respond within thirty days, if not your voter registration status will be canceled.

If it is past thirty days, the voter's registration will be immediately reinstated upon confirmation of their status and will be permitted to cast a regular ballot.

In order to prevent voter fraud, area counties are making sure voter certificates or some form of ID is presented.

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