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Canyon water restrictions remain, enforcement continues

Canyon, TX- The enforcement continues in Canyon to make sure water is not wasted as they remain in stage two water restrictions.

Canyon has had stage two water restrictions in place for about two months now but because water usage remains at a higher level, police continue to patrol for violators.

"It's down a little bit, but it's not a lot. A lot of people I think are just fully complying, I think a lot of people have just flat given up on their yard this year, until the droughts over and then I think there are other people that are watering twice a day," said City Manager Randy Criswell.

Those people aren't necessarily breaking the rules, it depends on the days and times they water says Criswell.

Canyon police are patrolling the city to make sure there are not violations, and if they do find one they are leaving warnings.

"What's difficult to see is what violations are going on in the backyard. Primarily during the evening and midnight shift hours, so I know that we have had neighbors actually calling in on neighbors," said Chief of Police Dale Davis.

City officials expect the stage two restrictions to stay in place for awhile since water usage has not dropped much.

"Right now the only days that we are seeing below the stage two triggers are the Mondays generally speaking, there might be a day or two here and there after we've had one of our rare half inch rains you when you might see the water usage down a couple of days. But we will have to be below those stage two triggers for five days at least," added Criswell.

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