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Record number of Texas school districts sharing wealth

Miami, TX - The list of Texas school districts required to share local tax revenue has reached an all time high.

Miami ISD says even though they are considered property wealthy, they are struggling financially.

"Thirty-percent of our students are economically disadvantaged. If we did not have to send such a large percentage of money to the state, we could help with school supplies, we could help with college enrollment classes," says Donna Gill, superintendent, Miami ISD. 

In fact, over half of the students in revenue contributing districts in Texas are economically disadvantaged.

Within the system there are now 20 districts in the Panhandle since Vega ISD was just added.

Roberts County alone has provided the state with close to 60 million dollars since 1996.

"I see this as money that our tax payers could have spent in the local and area businesses had we had the option of being able to have a lower tax rate," says Donna Gill, superintendent, Miami ISD.

This system does provide some relief to underprivileged districts.

"It's an attempt to finance the education of children equally without taxing the people of the state of Texas any more. With the current target revenue system, it's really not making it as equal as it needs to be," says State Senator Kel Seliger, District 31.

Seliger says that will be addressed in the upcoming legislative session.

For now, Miami ISD says their future holds a lot of uncertainty.

"Our tax revenue is set to expire in 2017 so that will force us to start using our fund balance to meet the day to day needs of our school district," says Donna Gill, superintendent, Miami ISD.

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