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GI bill not received

Amarillo, Texas- With the new school year starting, some GI's are having problems receiving their benefits.

All veterans receiving GI Bills get them at the start of the month, but according to some, not this month.

The system is back logged due to the amount of vets wanting to go to school.

Some of them in Amarillo are dependant on these bills for their education.

They want to know why they aren't receiving them, and why they are having issues contacting someone who can provide answers.

I spoke with a VA Rep from Amarillo College and she told me the VA's call center is understaffed.

She also mentioned another reason.  She said, "it seems like there has been an influx of students coming in. All I do is certify their hours and send them to the veteran's affairs. Then they have a complete different entity that processes it. They are not just processing Amarillo college or WT, they are processing the whole western region."

Murphy says there is a simple solution to this problem for future students.

If they were to come in and see her a month or two before the term starts, she says they wouldn't get so back logged.

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