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Hereford students may have advantage entering the workforce

Hereford, TX- Hereford students, some battling economic disadvantages, now may have an advantage when entering the workforce.

With constant changes in technology, Hereford students will be better prepared to enter the workforce, because Hereford ISD is providing laptops to them while in high school to make sure they will be a valuable asset in their careers.

"It's mainly to bring in technology to prepare students to be prepared for a global market place that way they can easily transition from the school environment into a work place," said Perla Perez, the Assistant Principal at Hereford High.

Macie White, a junior at Hereford High wants to go into the medical field and thanks to laptops and the ability to have learning tools with her at all times, she says it is possible.

"I want to become a neo-natal nurse. We take online tests during clinicals and we do vocabulary and everything like that online so it is very helpful," said White.

The software on the laptops provided to the students is also helping Nate realize his dreams.

"I've been taking accounting classes and they help me learn how to use Excel and all of the little tricks that come with it make adding and subtracting and stuff easier," said Nate Cabezuela.

With three thousand Hereford ISD students considered to be economically disadvantaged, the school says it is important for them to all get the same tools.

"It levels the bases for our students, you no longer have those who have and those who don't have, now they all have and they are all equal in the educational setting. I think it helps them that way, they don't feel so out of place. We are all equal at this school," added Perez.

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