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Voter ID for upcoming elections

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When you go to cast your vote for the upcoming presidential election, you may be required to show a photo ID.

Local representatives and election administrators say while voter fraud could be a problem in other parts of the state, it isn't in the panhandle.

Potter County Elections Administrator says, "In all the years I've been here, it's very rare that they don't have something with them whenever they do come to vote to show that they are the person that is voting."

NAACP Political Action Chair Iris Lawrence says, "It should not be required to have a picture ID because there are so many people who would be left out. There are your senior citizens, some who have never driven before. They don't have a driver's license. Then a lot of your minorities don't have a driver's license because many of them have not driven before."

Lawrence says by the state trying to prevent voter fraud, many could be turned away from the polls. She says, "I feel that we should not have to make people, that's a demand. And they want government to stay out of people's lives and business. Allow people to register and vote. And go to the polls and vote. The picture ID is not necessary. "

The NAACP is working on getting more people registered for the upcoming elections before the October 9th deadline. Lawrence says, "I'm looking forward to be able to register more people to vote. And then encourage them to vote regardless what affiliation they are."

In about 30 days, a decision will be made to determine if voters will have to show an ID at the polls. But it will take at least a year before a permanent ruling will be implemented by the US Supreme Court.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.