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New details in French shooting

France - Police now believe the killing of 50-year-old Saad Al-Hilli, his wife Iqbal, and her mother was part of a contract killing possibly organized as a result of "family drama."

The fourth man who was killed, a french cyclist who was on paternity leave after the birth of his third child, appears to have be shot in order to remove him as a witness.

Another cyclist, a former RAF veteran, arrived on the scene shortly after the shooting, raised the alarm with police, and may have saved the life of one of the Al-Hilli children by putting her in the recovery position.

The seven-year-old is in stable condition in a hospital-induced coma following surgery on fractured skull and a gunshot wound to her shoulder.

Her four-year-old sister wasn't discovered by police until a man who had met the family earlier mentioned them having two children.

She was found hiding amongst the corpses in the car and is currently receiving psychiatric care.

Police have found 15 shell casings and say all of the bullets seem to have found their mark, adding to the impression of a "professional" killer.

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