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Amarillo schools expanding

Hundreds of new students are enrolling in Amarillo schools every year. This is causing classrooms to reach capacity.

Superintendent Rod Schroder says, "The thing that's got me the most concerned is the slope here in the increasing number of students we're having. Because whenever you have more students enroll in your school, your costs go up correspondingly."

AISD has been seeing about 600 new faces every year over the past five years. Schroder says, "Our budget is based upon the number of students that we have enrolled. And we can see real pressure coming because we're up to 33,492 students as of last Friday. And we're running out of classroom space to house all these students."

They are continuing to face a tight budget because more students also brings more expenses. He says, "We try to control our costs through the year. And so I guess we're pretty restrictive on adding staff. Unless we absolutely have to have it for our students' growth. Mostly everything else goes unfilled."

With the steady pattern of increasing students, they're looking at another 1,400 enrolling in two years. He says, "We're going to have to add more classrooms on a lot of campuses. And some of the campuses that we've built in the recent past year are already at capacity."

Administrators are planning on adding classrooms to about six campuses in the near future.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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