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Stress leading to cancer

Amarillo, Texas- Stress can make you gain weight and cause hair to fall out, and one local woman says it can lead to much worse.

We all know stress can have many negative side affects, but a local therapist says it contributed to her being diagnosed with cancer at a young age.

Brianne banner says a lot of patients she sees are victims of cancer, M.S., lupus, and other disorders, all attributed to stress.

She says it can induce any health element that we can imagine.

Banner says 3 out of 8 patients who she sees have a serious illness such as cancer due to stress.

She says it led her to the disease as well.

"I was a cancer patient at 26. What he related it to was hormones and me always being up all night. We heal between the hours of 11 and 1. If you're not in bed during these times every night, these are the primary times of healing the cells and making the body regenerate."

A study says stress contributes to at least 3 quarters of doctor visits.

More than 40-percent of adults suffer serious health problems because of stress.

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