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App warns drivers about driving situations

Amarillo, TX - Drivers can alert each other about patrolling officers, construction zones and road kill with just the touch of a screen now.

The Trapster app will help drivers know what sort of conditions they can expect while on the road, as far as weather, police and even playing children.

For law enforcement, the app has it's ups and downs.

"If it slows a couple of the speeders down, well hey that's fine. They are complying with the law that is what we are out there trying to do is getting people to comply. Just the sheer presence of us sitting out there, slows people down," said Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department.

Slowing down because of the fear of being pulled over, knowing there are children in the area and bad road conditions may all help drivers be more safe, but Neufeld is concerned it will just be an added distraction for drivers.

"It's just like a GPS tool or other things out there, it's just another distraction. If you want to look at it when you get in the car to decide hey this is where I'm going and you want to look and see is there anything, is there any road construction or any signs of officers out there running radar great, I have no problem with that. We really can't recommend you doing that as you are driving," added Neufeld.

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