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Labor Day weekend DUI enforcement

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Amarillo, TX - It's been a busy holiday weekend for the area's law enforcement.

Holiday weekends mean celebrations, which is why "Drink. Drive. Go to Jail" was the message the Amarillo Police Department along with TxDOT enforced this labor day.

This weekend APD increased their patrols to help deter residents getting behind the wheel after drinking. A grant from TxDOT paid for more officers on duty. And it paid off. Seven DUI arrests were made over the holiday weekend. Sgt. Steve Davis says this weekend was a success.

"The best gauge to judge it is we didn't have any real major accidents where there were life threatening injures. And, that's what we really want to curtail. So, I was satisfied with the results," Sgt. Davis says.

This is the second year TxDOT has funded extra patrol during holiday weekends.

An average holiday weekend see's up to five DWI arrests. Sgt. Davis says publicity of extra officers helps reduce the number of arrests made.