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Construction workers say they worked without pay, subcontractor responds

Midland, TX- Construction workers say they worked for weeks without any pay from an Amarillo subcontractor.

The workers have been down in Midland helping to build a new hotel for an Amarillo subcontractor and say the job quickly turned bad.

"It was going fine at first, I mean we had to wait two weeks for our first pay checks and after that we were told we would be paid weekly, after that things just started rolling down hill and we just couldn't get our pay," said Michael Fruit, a supervisor on the job.

Fruit says he was working for subcontractor Above and Beyond Construction out of Amarillo on the job, until he says they stopped being paid.

Terry Davis with Above and Beyond says he told workers they were going to be paid every two weeks.

"Some of the guys say they weren't paid for three weeks, well that is not a true story. Yes it was almost two weeks, it was weeks as of Friday they didn't get paid," said Davis.

Along with not getting money, workers helping to build the hotel say they were also living in bad conditions.

"Two by four plywood bunks built in it and I mean that is where we were expected to sleep. It had no kitchen what so ever to speak of, a refrigerator, a sink and a toilet and that was it," said Fruit.

Davis says he tried to find places for the workers to stay but because of a flood of workers in the area, it was nearly impossible.

"There was no places to stay, I called around to get them a place to stay, to get RV parks, to get somewhere to stay out there, they were all booked up," added Davis.

Davis says Above and Beyond has been taken off the job.

The general contractor of the job, Jimmy Henderson from GreenStreet says he is doing all he can for the workers.

"He has left those guys without being paid and so we are trying to do everything legally that we can to try to get those guys paid," Henderson told KWES in Midland.

Davis also says he is trying to make things right by giving the workers money for the time they put in.

"I'm getting money, working on trying to get these guys money to get them paid. And I will take the loss as a way to get the payment," said Davis.

We spoke with another one of the workers over the phone, Carlos Mendoza and he says Davis has done everything he can to help his workers.

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