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Two Borger women are helping single parents across the Panhandle

Borger, TX - Single parents in the panhandle who are struggling with raising their children, can find some help from two women in Borger.

The SPIN program or Single Parents In Need makes sure both men and women across the Panhandle have things they need to raise their children.

"We get donations from people, whether it is through a garage sale leftovers or people who have baby items that they have just outgrown and they donate them and we find people who need them, and turn them back to them at no cost," said Tracy Olson, one of SPIN's co-founders.

Hearing a pregnant teenager's concerns about not having the necessities for her baby is what made Tracy Olson want to make a difference.

"I don't have anything, I don't know what I am going to do, I haven't slept in nights. So I couldn't go to sleep. I started sending out messages to my friends and people that work with me on it and within a few hours we had quite a bit of stuff for it and I wrote her back and she said 'you just have no idea, I think I just took my first deep breath in several months," added Olson.

Margaret Engler wanted to help others get through the struggles she had faced.

"I wish I had that help when I was 17, it is an overwhelming feeling when you can help somebody," said Engler, also a co-founder of SPIN.

SPIN has been around for about four months now and has been able to help many people from all around the panhandle.

The ladies say they hope they can continue to branch out and help others, by helping them make a home through donations.

"Baby items, baby clothes, diapers, wipes, bottles, furniture, decor to hang on the walls. Anything that can make a house a home and that is where everyone knows, love begins," added Engler.

If you are interested in helping SPIN or may be looking for help, you can visit or drop off donations to 300 Weatherly in Borger.

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