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Standing United

More than 800 people gathered Wednesday to kick off United Way's 2012 "We belong together" Campaign. Last year the United Way of Amarillo and Canyon raised more than $5 million, allowing them to help 41 non-profit organizations in the panhandle. This year they set a goal of $6 million.

United Way is setting its goal higher this year because the needs of panhandle families are higher than ever. Even though United Way had a record setting year last year the need for help continues to grow as well.

Campaign Co-Chair John Woolery says, "A lot of the non-profit agencies that normally receive funding from the federal government, those funds have gone away. They're relying more than ever on the United Way campaign here in Amarillo and Canyon to support many of those needs. That if we don't come forward. There's a lot of people that really won't get what they need." And the money is going toward organizations like the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains.

Regional Development Director Alason Moorhead says, "We actually go into the middle schools. And I know that's a tough time for girls. But this funding allows us to build their courage, their confidence, and their character. And it allows them to have a mentor that they might not have in the household."

Guyon Saunders Resource Center tells us how the funds are making a difference in people's lives. Director Melanie Smoot says, "We had a young lady that was looking for assistance for tuition, and for books, and supplies to go back to school. Single mother, and you know. Just struggling to get by, going back to college and bettering herself. And we were able to assist her."

Smoot says they contribute to seven different agencies helping mentally disabled, homeless, and domestic violence victims. She says, "Recently, there was a young woman that was part of our day room. And she had been part of the dayroom for at least a couple of years. And we were able to connect her with employment opportunities. She now has housing. She now has a full-time position, and is very successful in what she's doing."


Here are some upcoming Events:

Youth Leadership Day, Amarillo Civic Center, Tuesday, October 9.

Canyon Nights Gala, First United Bank Center, Saturday, October 27.

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Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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