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New NWTH monitoring machines for expecting mothers

Amarillo, Texas - There's a new device in hospitals for expecting mothers and it's only in Amarillo.

The Monica IF24 CTG Interface has been used in Europe for about 5 years.

This wearable device that accurately monitors fetal and maternal heart rate has come to Amarillo.

This hand held wireless instrument has leads that connect the electrodes placed on the expecting mother's stomach.

It picks up any muscle that moves and generates an electrical signal....and also picks up signals for the fetal and maternal heart.

There are several benefits to this technology for both the patient and doctors.

Connie Miles, The Director of Labor and Delivery at Northwest Texas Healthcare System says, "It's going to be a very good benefit to the patients, where they are going to be able to move around a lot better during their labor process...making it a more natural process. And it will also help our nursing staff so they won't have to go reposition the monitors. It's going to be more of a safety issue and bringing great technology to panhandle."

This technology also provides accuracy and allows maternal monitoring to communicate directly with the hospital installed CTG monitor.

There are only 25 sites nationwide using these devices...and Amarillo's Northwest Texas Hospital will be the first in the state.

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