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Male procedure could help decrease our area's STD rate

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Amarillo continues to have one of the highest STD rates in the state.

Some local doctors say a certain male procedure can help drive it down.

New studies by the CDC show that increases in circumcisions are correlated with decreases in STD transmission.

That is a big reason why the American Pediatric Academy decided to change their stance on the procedure.

Some local doctors we spoke with tell us they see a number of medicaid patients who want the procedure done on their child but can't, since it's not covered.

The American Academy of Pediatrics hopes their new stance will help change that.

Many doctors say there are several reasons why they've been seeing men at older ages getting the procedure done.

"It can be a structural change, or the penis was too small if the child was born premature, or it can be somebody who just decided not to at first and later on had complications. The person is able to go back literally at any time," says Dr. John Young, Panhandle Pediatrics.

Experts say circumcisions can also decrease penile cancer, swelling and many types of infections.

We're told around 50% of the male population in the United States are circumcised and the percentage in Amarillo is around 75 to 80%.