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Traffic and parking concerns in Canyon

Canyon, TX- Safety concerns and parking violations led to a busy day for law enforcement in Canyon during the first day of classes at WTAMU.

The Canyon Police Department and WT say it may take time for students and residents to get used to higher traffic, but they need to be mindful of the law.

"A lot of WT students are parking, not necessarily on campus but they are going outside campus and parking in the residential areas. And we saw where a lot of these vehicles, a lot of vehicles are parking in the yellow curbs, they are blocking fire hydrants," said Chief of Police Dale Davis.

Parking in those places is prohibited and can lead to a citation.

Along with parking, drivers failing to yield for pedestrians is causing a great concern for police.

"people are not stopping for these students and so I have directed the supervisors and the patrol to really aggressively enforce that because each year it seems that we have one or two people hit," added Davis.

To help deal with some of the overcrowding with parking, the campus is offering free shuttle rides for students around the campus.

"We have over a thousand spaces at the First United Bank Center, we run three buses from that location starting at 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Friday and they pick up and run consistently during that time. They stop at four different places on campus other than the event center," said Meri Lyn Odell, with the University Police Department.

Another parking lot will also be open for students to help deal with the overcrowding in the area, it is located on WTAMU Drive.

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